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Posted at Tuesday, August 16, 2011
When I was child, my parents give me a plastic bricks toy. I build a robot, monster, bridge, plane, train etc. from the toy. Yess, it's Lego toy. Do you know Lego toy early history? It's manufactured in Billund, Denmark since 1958.

Nowadays, Lego has extended to various character, not only building, bridge, plane, etc. You can find various figures such as Star wars, Batman, Indiana Jones, Spongebob Squarepants, etc. LEGO Group company has a licensed theme of trademarked character/figures.
I think Lego toys boost human creativity. Have you ever heard about Lego competition? They create extraordinary shape in huge size too.
Start to play Lego? Or looking for Best Lego toys? Here I share the Top 10 Bestselling Lego Toys on Amazon and most searched Lego series on Google.

  1. Star Wars Lego
  2. Harry Potter Lego
  3. Batman Lego
  4. Indiana Jones Lego
  5. Spongebob Squarepants Lego
  6. Ninjago Lego
  7. Marvel Lego
  8. Pirates Lego
  9. Building Lego
  10. Transformers Lego
You can buy Lego series from official LEGO website at or read more my recommended Lego toys on squidoo.


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