Special Juice for Daily Family Gift

Posted at Sunday, August 07, 2011
Gift not only associated with an expensive stuff. In daily life, you can give a special gift i.e special food or even only fresh juice. Serve it with a whole love and I'm sure your family will like it.

In order to make fresh fruit and vegetable juices , here are some tips you can do:

Fruits and Vegetables Quality
Choose fresh fruit in order to get a excellence taste. For vegetable juice, choose fresh vegetables and wash thoroughly before crushed / squeezed.

Fruit Variations
Juice will be more interesting if combined with different colors fruits . For example melon combined with pineapple and melon. Shades of red, yellow and green make the juice look attracting. Do not be afraid to combine fruits with the taste and flavor contrast. Such as apple combined with soursop or orange, sweet and sticky from the apple fruit is delicious with a touch of sour taste of fresh citrus fruit or soursop. Conversely do not mix fruit with equally sharp scent / strong, like jackfruit with durian.

Add the lemon juice
Add a few tablespoons of lemon juice while blending all kinds of fruit juice. In addition to providing a sour taste sensation of fresh, lemon water also helps eliminate the smell and discomfort in certain fruits, such as avocado, papaya and guava.

Some people love the juice that made by blending fruit with ice cubes simultaneously. Though blending techniques fruits without ice cubes and then cooled in the refrigerator will produce juice with the flavor and aroma of a fresh and delicious.

Serve Cold
Do not forget to serve in cold conditions, but feels fresh low temperature helps the vitamin C in the juice remains of good quality.

Add the garnish
In order for the juice you made more interesting, add a touch of garnish such as pieces of fruit, mint or cherry on it.

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