Drawing and Coloring, Encourage Your Kids Creativity

Posted at Tuesday, September 06, 2011
Drawing and coloring activity is important for children. Because this activity could train an important function in the development of children's physical, emotional, and cognitive development.Drawing and coloring activity help the child to express himself.
To support drawing and coloring activity you can buy your kids coloring books and crayon.

Here are some suggestions to guide drawing and coloring activity:

  • Provide materials for drawing, such as paper or book for special drawing, or coloring books. For the coloring tools, find a nontoxic and safe for children.
  • Be an example. In this case, does not mean you give an example image (dictate) what he should follow, but by example. That is, show your baby that you loved and loved drawing and coloring.
  • Support to draw and paint through said pretty colors that he can use, line drawings, and forms that can be tried by the child.
  • Rather than asking, "What you draw?", You should ask, "Tell me to Mama everything in your picture." Why? Because when you ask such a question first, the child will catch him with the question "What's the picture? I don't get it." The question made him feel has made a mistake and not closed the possibility he would be ashamed to draw back because he felt he had failed to draw.
  • Teach the concept of the technique. For example, thick, thin, wide, narrow, dark, light, angle, shape, contour, and so on.
  • Do not forget to appreciate his work. For example, by gluing the pictures on the refrigerator door, or framed and displayed in spaces that can be seen by many people. Show your relatives, neighbors, or relative who came, occasionally praise his work. This will encourage the confidence of the child.
  • Give your child the opportunity to choose subjects that he wanted a picture and coloring sheets that he wanted. Some people assume that the coloring sheets will impede the creativity of children. However, this activity also plays a vital role in developing the child's fine motor skills. Even the coloring activity can encourage a child who feels free to start drawing and coloring to want to take a crayon and started trying to paint his favorite character. For example, children who had been reluctant to want to start drawing and coloring will be easier to start this activity with his favorite cartoon character coloring requested. You can download the pages of coloring in his favorite cartoon sites. Do not forget to always accompany children while they are drawing and coloring, because children are still too small can choke if he tried to eat the crayons or other coloring tools.

You also can download coloring pages for free. I have posted some Spongebob Squarepants coloring pages too.


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