Nintendo 3DS, Is It Worth to Buy?

Posted at Tuesday, November 22, 2011
We are surely knows about Nintendo 3DS. This brand is already well known. It gains reputation since years ago, when gaming life is not as great as now. Its' competitor starts to create other console as well. As we also know it, Playstation makes a great competitor. Billions of people around the world play on this console. However, everyone must remember Nintendo Wii, which creates a new dimension and style in gaming. Now, this manufacturer releases new console, the Nintendo 3DS. This particular console is the first gaming console which able to brings 3D games to handheld. This is surely great news for many gamers around the world. In this console, there are surely many interesting features which we can expect from this cool 3D gaming console. To amuse users, it also completed with nice applications, specs, and enriched with additional accessories. We will find it out more as follow.

The Nintendo 3DS are having various colors which is guaranteed will make our Nintendo 3DS even more attractive. We can choose Flame Red, Aqua blue, Cosmo Black, Purple, and orange. Each color has its own uniqueness. In each color there are different specifications which are can be chosen by user so that they are able to adjust their gaming experience according to the game they want to play. We can also choose a two toned color which is recently available in the market. Surely with these shiny colors we can get both fun and proud in bringing this console. So far, only three colors available in market , Flame Red, Cosmo Black, and Aqua Blue.

Nintendo 3DS Features

Features: 3D Depth Slider, Wi-Fi Capability, Nintendo 3DS Sound, Mii Maker, 3D Camera, Front & Rear Camera, Touch Screen
Includes: AC Power Adapter, Stylus
Wired Connectivity: Wireless
Model Compatibility: Nintendo 3DS
Dimensions: 7.9 " H x 9.6 " W x 2.2 " D
Warranty Description: 90 Day Limited Manufacturer Warranty
Weight: 2.3 Lb.

Let us list the pros first:

$170 is truly a nice price for the gadget
The DS-XL screen is wider and higher in resolution makes it bright and so clear
3D video, and its ability to freely download other videos
AR Cards makes your experience on 3D ultimate
Netflix support
SD card for extra memory
Web camera, which is seriously cool

While the cons are:

Battery life seems to reach only 3-4 hours instead of 5 hours as written
Plastic charging cradle
DS web browsing platform, which takes forever for download or streaming
eShop line up is not so pleasing
3D supports are available only on certain games

Nintendo 3DS Games

Currently there are already various game producers which is already make contract to add their games to the Nintendo 3DS. Of course, with the support from these famous game companies the Nintendo 3DS surely able to give you the best gaming experience. Great games such as Legend of Zelda are now able to be played in this console. The Star Fox can also be played in this console. Nintendo is also giving their best in supporting the console with releasing the Super Mario Land 3D. Here the list of bestselling Nintendo 3DS video games.

Nintendo 3DS Accessories

The Nintendo 3DS also comes with various great accessories which is able to boost our experience in gaming. The adjustable stylus is surely able to give us the exact comfort in using the handheld. The creative charging cradle is surely effective in charging the console without need to plug or unplug the console using any cables. Besides, we also have basic accessories given like AC adapter for easy charging option. However we need to find out if the plug match the style on your place. The Stylus and AR cards are another additional included accessories. The last, we will love the inserted 2GB SD card as memory expansion. We can keep photos and videos on it.

Now let us summarize the entire thing. With its reputation, Nintendo has successfully built a new handy gadget. The 3D offer seems excite market since this technology is still pretty young in gaming. However, it cannot be experienced ultimately with only few games are supporting 3D graphics. The entire cons are not a problem anymore with reasonable price is offered for buyer. This can be a good alternative for gaming gadget especially for those who travel a lot even though they may get a little problem with the battery life. The price makes the entire thing acceptable and nice. In addition to it, it seems that the development and creation on 3D games are getting better and better. This can be a great choice for gaming console!


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