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Posted at Wednesday, December 14, 2011
All parents in this world want their children to be a smart people. They want their children develop to be the high quality people to face this world. As parents, it is your responsibility to give the best facilitation to your children. You should facilitate your children to develop their talent and skill. Children are the golden periodic of a human to learn anything. Children are like a sponge, they can absorb anything and imitate anything they see. You can give them the great quality of learning media to them, you can teach your children to read in a fun way. Reading is a kind of boring things, which is the reason why you need to give the fun things to teach them reading

If you want to give that kind of things, you can give your children VTech VReader Animated E-Book Reader. It is a kind of device, which can help your children to develop their reading skill. This device as many interesting features. This V. Tech VReader has the great shape design and interesting color to attract your children's attention. It has the slot to the software of the story. You can plug the cassette in and get the reading passage of the story. One cassette has many features like games, movie, or reading passage, etc. You can choose the title that you like for your children.

They have the funny animation picture. You can ask your children to read the passage and in the same way, they will see the cartoon of the famous characters. They can see the movie and learn to read by watching the movie. In the movie, they can read some instruction. This device called V. Reader and it will help your children to learn about the language in the funny way. Your children can get many advantages and get the great language development. Your children will not get bored with this device, as they have many title and characters. It is just like the video games, plug the cassette and get the interesting features. If your children are bored with the characters, you can change the cassette and get the new story and character. Many famous characters can be the idol of your children.

Before you buy this ebook reader as Christmas gift, it's better to know its specs, pros , and cons.

Product Features
4.3" color touch screen
Plays fully animated stories with story narration, character voices, vivid graphics and exciting music and sounds
Includes 3 ways to play: Watch the story, reading games and story dictionary
USB port and SD memory card slot for expansion
Durable, kid-tough design

1. You can plug headphones in to it
2. My favorite feature is that my 5 year old can use the pen and touch each word in a story and read it word by word - she only needs to touch the words she doesn't know and can read the others on her own. (She tells me that it first reads you the full page and you can then either turn the page or read it word by word by touching each word with the pen).
3. Very easy to navigate - my 3 year old can do it without any assistance.

1. It goes through batteries like crazy. You can buy an AC adapter for it, but one is not included.
2. The cartridges are expensive - $20 each.
3. The battery pack is so tight on one that I can barely get the batteries out when I need to. On the other the compartment is so loose that the batteries often get loose causing the reader not to work until I open the battery compartment and fix it for my kids.
4. The "pen" is not connected to the reader at all and is easily lost. It has a storage space, but is not attached by a string or anything

Just like any other electronic thing, you need to keep it to get the long time of the using. As we know, children have the high curiosity to know more about something. When your children are using this device, you need to supervise them and guide them to use this product. Children do not understand the way to keep the device and use this thing. Do not let them break this device.


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