The Top 5 Easiest Gifts To Personalise

Posted at Wednesday, September 19, 2012
Personalised gifts are an increasingly popular option these days, largely due to the growth of online shopping and the ever-wider choice of gifts and sellers out there on the Web. It has never been so easy to buy personalised gifts – but what are the easiest gifts to give that personal touch? Which gifts lend themselves best to personalisation? Here are five ideas:

T-shirts. It's the obvious one, alright, but it's obvious for a reason. T-shirts have been a personal “billboard” for decades now, and advances in both digital printing and online ordering now mean that almost anything can swiftly be printed on any kind of t-shirt. Why not send a loved one a shirt with their image on it, their favourite work of art, or a symbol meaningful to both of you?

Personalised birthday cakes. Few things say 'party' like a celebration cake, and a personalised birthday cake is the finest and sweetest form of celebration there is. Whether it is a simple birthday message, images of the recipient's top musicians or movie stars, or a cake in the shape of one of their favourite things, it's your gift they will remember, long after it's been eaten!

Embroidered clothing, bags and accessories. There's no shortage of skilled sewing experts out there who are ready to personalise just about anything made of fabric or leather. Initials, names or even mottoes and birthday messages can be easily embroidered on any item of clothing, wallets, handbags or gloves.

Personalised photo calendars. If you've a year of cherished memories to celebrate, then a great gift idea is a calendar bearing a photo – or photos – of those good times for each month. Every time the recipient turns the page, they will have a fresh set of memories, and personalised calendars are a lot cheaper than you might think.

Engraved gifts. Engraving an item, such as a mirror, lighter, picture frame or flask adds a touch of class and is an inexpensive way of personalising a gift. Take care beforehand to create the perfect message for the engraver to add – it will last forever!


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