Google Android Mascot Robot Toy, Gift Idea For A Geek

Posted at Monday, March 21, 2011
Nowadays, Android brand become so famous. Yes, so many people interested in using mobile phone with android platform. Most of them, choose android phone because of its flexibility and free charge of application. Not only use android phone, they also like a merchandise such as mug, tshirt, etc. printed with andorid robot logo or mascot as if they want to show to everyone "Hey I'm An Android User"

Do you have a geek friend crazy about this android gadget? And his birthday is coming? Ahaa...Google android mascot robot toy can be your birthday gift idea.

A series of collectible Google Android Robot Toys designed with lovely and colorful patterns in different colors. Each of them will carry different emotions. The 85mm height lovely toy is great for birthday gift for all Android OS system lovers.

These robots heads can be moved to desired direction and heads can be raised, so it is not that static dumb.

Features of Android mascot robot toys:
1. Rotatable arm and head
2. Made by non-hazardous materials
3. Available to purchase single toy or take an entire collection
4. Cut design

Some store, sell this Android robot toy set contain 12 robot with different figure randomly or buy it. Ensure to ask the series before buy.

You can buy this android robot toy on Amazon, eBay, or another online store. For single toy it's about $9,95 on Amazon, and for a set it's about $29,99. Some store sell it for $23,73. I suggest you to buy on eBay and find the best price. Happy shopping and gift a surprise for your friend.


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