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Posted at Tuesday, December 13, 2011
Looking for Christmas or new year gift idea? What about a tablet? A usefull gift for everyone. Sony Tablet S, the latest tablet from Sony could be on your list. If your mate already have Sony Tablet S, consider to give Sony Tablet S case, and accessories.
If you have this Sony Tablet S, you should add some more accessories to protect as well as enhance the performance. There are several types of case and accessories you should consider taking. The first one is Sony Tablet S LCD Protection Sheet. Considering that the main performance of tablet is controlled by our fingers on its LCD, this accessory is essential. With no more than $20, we are able to get a clear and durable sheet, makes an ideal choice for protector. They protect screen from wet and scratches, and are easy to amount for daily use. Of course, it is made of material than does not disturb its response for touch.If we use the tablet very often, we will also need a thing in which we can carry it. Of course, when we buy it, we also get a carry case.

However, when it comes to security and style, Sony Tablet S Leather Carrying Case will make an ideal accessory. The price reaches maximally $70, and it must be a very fine one. This case is made of genuine leather outside, and a soft protective material inside. Of course, it protects your tablet from bumps and scratches. You can put it inside of your big bag along with other things without any concern that it will get scratched or bumped.

We can also have another alternative for case. For busy people, who use this gadget very more often, and sometimes, need to make a presentation and use it, this kind of case will be most useful. In alternative to carrying case, we can also take one of available Sony Tablet S Executive Portfolio Leather Cases. We can slip the tablet inside, and open it as we open a book. It protects the entire tablet body from scratches and bumps as well. If you put it in a table, you can read anything in a more comfortable way by sliding out the stand to support the case. It commonly costs $20-40 only.

In alternative to it, many stores also offer the mini size. Sony Tablet S Ultra Slim Leather Case is another excellent choice. It is made of the same genuine leather, but it flips in a simpler way. When you make it stands, the entire surface does not cover all parts of your tablet but enough to support and protect it. It can be a nice one for younger users.

The last but useful accessory you can have is the additional keyboard. Everybody knows that typing a long document in a tablet can be quite challenging. It is not caused by insufficient support and features on the tablet, but we are accustomed to real keyboard to type on. We need standing screen and a laying down keyboard.

In this matter, Sony Tablet S Bluetooth Keyboard will make an excellent addition to your tablet. You can have the reliable one starting from $50. Make sure that you take only the best one to help your tablet perform very well.

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