Top 5 Best eBook Reader

Posted at Tuesday, December 13, 2011
On the fifth place most wanted eBook Reader is Pandigital Novel Color Multimedia eReader. This reader runs Android with complete Android features. However, it is a pity that they do not allow the device to have the entire Android capability. It has the Wi-Fi access, 7 inches color touch screen, and complete support of Video and Audio playback. In addition to it, we will also have Photo Viewer, ePub and PDF compatibility. Plus, we have memory slot for additional memory storage we want to add. This touch screen is less responsive, but it is nice for a $120 reader gadget.

On the fourth place, we have the competitor brand. This brand is in quite reputation with good gadgets and performance as well. As for eBook reader, Kindle 3G Wireless Reading Device makes a good one. Of course this gadget is also considered as cellular wireless with Wi-Fi support. And it is completed with free built-in 3G connectivity uses, which will make great feature for users. It has good responsive 6 inches screen. As an addition, we can also have the Photo Viewer on this gadget. On Amazon, this reader is offered for $126, and it is just as satisfying as we expect on the price.

On the same brand, we another alternative, even a better one, but of course, it is more expensive. This one has 9.7 inches of responsive touch screen, with Audio Playback and Photo Viewer and compatible software for files on several formats like RTF, DOC, TXT, and RPC. This one is just as slim as a real magazine, only 1.2 pound on weight and it costs only $259 on Amazon, which of course offers more excellent performance. This is called the Kindle DX. To ensure users satisfaction, it is also enriched with auto-rotating feature, 5-way controller, and we do not need additional computer to fix on something before we use it.

The second on top for eBook reader is Sony PRS-T1BC. This gadget has a 6 inches of touch screen display with responsive capability. The other common features, like Photo Viewer, Audio Playback, supports and compatibility for PDF, TXT, and ePub, are also available. However as the lightest reader available, this makes one of the most comfortable mate for a long journey. Plus, this device already supports up to 2 million titles on tap. And we can buy or even borrow any title of eBook from local library, and download it on market with huge support of the Wi-Fi connection. This gadget is labeled on $99. Remarkable!

And the top of all, the first most favorite eBook reader goes to the reputable brand on market. Amazon Kindle Fire is labeled on $199 and has fine features. It has 7 inch of Multi Touch display. This reader also has something extraordinary. It has 1GHz processor to run the entire performance. So far, this reader makes the best one both on price and performance. If you are planning on taking an eBook reader, these five most wanted ones are just the best. Get them and enjoy your reading time!


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